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George Hodosh Associates-Architects, P. C. are committed to providing each client with a design solution that uniquely meets all of that client's practical and aesthetic requirements, and to following through, using our knowledge and expertise to ensure each project's successful outcome.


We believe

...that each home should uniquely suit the people it houses, their needs, wants, priorities, lifestyle, budget and tastes. We bring this philosophy to every renovation, every addition, and every new home we design. using a flexible approach that lets you tailor our services to the needs of your project. re-designing the project until the client is completely satisfied.

...that a good firm should save you at least the amount of their fee through efficient design, careful specifications, experienced assistance and sound advice.

...that our responsibility does not cease until the project is completed.

...that the surest formula for success lies in careful planning. in construction, this means a comprehensive set of construction documents, including detailed specifications. providing an initial consultation at no charge and with no obligation, because we believe that it should not cost you to find out if we are the right firm for your project.

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